eu.bac contributes to Smart Building Discussions in Saudi Arabia

eu.bac’s Managing Director, Gusts Kossovičs, participated at the Smart Buildings event organized by the EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification Project on March 6, 2024. The event, held in Saudi Arabia, brought together key stakeholders – EU institutions, industry leaders, technology providers, and government representatives – to explore advancements and opportunities in the smart buildings sector.

Mr Kossovičs delivered a presentation and participated in a panel discussion, focusing on the potential of smart building technologies in the context of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. He highlighted the critical need for energy-efficient buildings globally, emphasizing that:

  • 75% of buildings in the EU are energy-inefficient, resulting in an annual waste of approximately €270 billion.
  • Investing in Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) offers significant returns, with an average cost of €28.7 per square meter and a payback period of just three years. These systems can potentially lead to energy costs and CO2 emission savings of 27-52%.

Mr Kossovičs recommended that countries like Saudi Arabia follow the European Union’s lead by:

  • Mandating building automation and control systems in large buildings.
  • Implementing the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) to assess buildings’ preparedness for smart technologies.
  • Prioritizing indoor environmental quality (IEQ) monitoring and control to enhance employee productivity and well-being.

eu.bac remains committed to fostering the widespread adoption of smart building technologies across Europe and internationally. As the EU prioritizes decarbonization efforts, eu.bac stands ready to share its expertise in creating a global network of healthy, efficient, and intelligent buildings.

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