The European Building Automation and Controls Association applauds the European Parliament’s resounding adoption of the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This crucial revision represents a significant step forward in achieving the EU’s decarbonisation goals.

eu.bac commends the rapporteur, Ciarán Cuffe, and the shadows for their leadership in securing this positive outcome. The Parliament’s strong stance reinforces its commitment to driving the EU towards a future-proof building stock.

Building a decarbonised future with smart Solutions

The revised EPBD recognises the vital role of smart building solutions as a cost-effective tool for achieving energy security and decarbonisation objectives. For the first time, it also acknowledges the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between energy efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). Finally, it introduces a new mandatory scheme to drive investment towards intelligent building solutions in the form of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI).

Advancing a smooth and ambitious implementation

While we acknowledge the significant positive advancements in this revision, the work must now begin in earnest to implement these requirements smoothly at the national level. The whole energy community must act together to support Member States in this effort. To this end, eu.bac has initiated the further development of comprehensive tools designed to offer guidance and exemplary models for timely transposition and tools to support compliance, such as the EPBD BACS Compliance verification checklist.

Gusts Kossovičs, Managing Director of eu.bac said: “This vote is a positive development for the EU. Expanding the use of digital technologies and recognising the value of smart buildings will unlock significant savings, accelerate decarbonisation, and enhance the well-being of all Europeans. While we await the adoption of the Council in April, we are actively preparing initiatives to support Member States, building owners and designers alike. I’m eager to collaborate with our members and the broader energy community to achieve our shared goals.

eu.bac remains dedicated to actively promoting the rollout of smart technologies across the EU. With the European Union taking this crucial step, we look forward to working together to achieve the goal of creating a healthy, efficient, and intelligent building stock across the EU.

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