The European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac) is pleased to announce the appointment of Simone Alessandri as the new Managing Director with effect from 1 January 2023.

Simone, who has been working with eu.bac since 2016 and is currently also Managing Director of the European Association for Energy Service Companies (eu.esco), was appointed unanimously by the members of the eu.bac Board in November, in a meeting held in Paris.

Hans Smid, President of eu.bac, said: “I would like to congratulate Simone on his new role. Thanks to his work in Brussels in the past years, the EU legislation defined and mandated Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) in certain buildings for the first time. He has overseen the efforts to properly transpose the EPBD in Member State legislation, engaging with various national stakeholders and authorities. Additionally, he managed the industry’s involvement in developing the Ecodesign preparatory study on BACS, demonstrating the overwhelming benefits BACS can bring to any building. I am sure that, in this new role, he will continue contributing to the growth of the European BACS industry for years to come.”

Simone stated: “I am honoured and excited to take over the role of Managing Director. The BACS industry has a great role to play in the context of all the challenges we live with today. We deliver decarbonization and digitalization, reduce the need for gas imports, and empower occupants of buildings to reduce energy costs while improving comfort and health. However, only a small part of this potential has been exploited so far, and it is our mission to deliver these benefits to more and more people in the future. We will do this by continuing to be the go-to association in Brussels, providing our expertise to policymakers and stakeholders while driving the uptake and optimal performance of BACS by defining standards and providing certification services. In 2023 we have exciting challenges in front of us, starting with the revision of EPBD and its transposition at the national level. We are already preparing a number of initiatives, and I look forward to working with all the members to deliver on our goals.”

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