Joint statement: Healthy Buildings for All

The informal Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Gathering is releasing a joint statement calling on the EU policymakers to:

  • Set mandatory minimum requirements from 2025 for new and existing buildings of continuous monitoring, evaluation and reporting of IEQ parameters.
  • Set mandatory minimum requirements for indoor environmental quality in the upcoming revision of the EPBD and accelerate the replacement of old systems.
  • Support reduced aerosolised transmission of respiratory infections.
  • Introduce a Deep Renovation Standard in the EPBD that includes minimum IEQ Performance Requirements.
  • Include IEQ as part of an updated framework for the Energy Performance Certificates
  • Set requirements for the inspection of technical building systems
  • Set requirements to ensure the deployment of smart technologies for healthy buildings and an improved smart readiness indicator (SRI).
  • Include indoor environmental quality indicators in the EU Building Stock Observatory
  • Incentivise training and certification schemes for building professionals, such as designers and installers and Facility Managers.
  • Ensure the enforcement of Member States’ Long-term Renovation Strategies (LTRSs).

The informal Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Gathering brings together European industry associations, which represent companies involved in technical building systems and their maintenance. Our objective is to collectively promote healthy buildings through an adequate level of indoor environmental quality.

Read and download the full statement here
Read and download the eu.bac one-pager on measures for monitoring indoor environmental quality in the EPBD here