eu.bac System Information Event in Frankfur

The event was well attended by 70% of certified eu.bac System Auditors, 50% of eu.bac System Auditors in training, 60% of eu.bac System Trainers as well as by various representatives from the building automation controls industry. Among the participants were building services engineers, energy consultants, training professionals and building controls specialists.

Dr Peter Hug, Managing Director of the European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac), opened the event.  In the keynote speech he addressed the importance of raising the awareness about the role of building automation controls as well as improving the transparency and trust in this role.

The members of the eu.bac System Group presented an overview of the eu.bac System method, the achievements and activities of the organization, and offered support for the more intensive market penetration.

Certified eu.bac System Auditors presented best practice cases and initiated a lively discussion about market challenges, customer response and the way forward. There were also talks from certified trainers and the building industry professionals. Every participant was eager to contribute to the exchange with their personal experience and business view on the eu.bac System method.

“This event has exceeded my expectations in the detail of information and the engagement of the participants”, commented one of the eu.bac System members.

The eu.bac System event has given valuable insight about the method application and market acceptance in Germany. It has confirmed the sprouting interest to the opportunities for energy efficiency improvements through the building automation controls. The event has also identified further opportunities to raise the awareness and intensify the effort to bring the benefits of the eu.bac System to the professionals on the European market.

The building automation links all building systems and optimizes their interactions for more energy-efficient operation. An intelligent building automation is the interface between building management, technical systems and building users.

The eu.bac System method evaluates the building automation “intelligence” in regards to energy efficiency and building use in a transparent and system-independent way based on EN15232. It is the first systematic approach to audit and benchmark the performance of the Building Automation Controls in respect to building energy efficiency. The method supports the professionals throughout the building lifecycle and brings benefits in the design, specification, commissioning and operation activities.

eu.bac System is one of the groups within the European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac) committed to improving the energy efficiency and productivity in buildings through intelligent building automation.

The consistent and high quality of the eu.bac System method is assured through the independent eu.bac audit certification and auditor accreditation.

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