eu.bac System Auditor Training Course in UK

The first eu.bac System Auditor training course is being held on 6th/7th February 2014 in London.

We have 10 places available on this first course. Booking is required.

Cost for in class training:

  • BCIA and eu.bac members: £340+VAT
  • Non-members £510 +VAT
  • Includes lunch

Annual System Auditor fees

  • For eu.bac members the annual System Auditor fee* is included in your company annual subscription.
  • For non-eu.bac  members there is a €300 per annum auditor fee* payable to eu.bac for System Auditors which includes
  • Official authorisation by eu.bac
  • Ability to do and offer audits
  • Access to newest checklist and technical recommendations

* Note to attain eu.bac System Auditor status it is a requirement to attend the classroom training and pass a test followed by doing the 1st inspection within 6 months of attending the training. Audits are registered on the eu.bac database which is assessed by eu.bac within 12 months of attending the course, ongoing a minimum of 1 audit per year to maintain your auditor status.

Important Notes

Delegates should be experienced Consultants or Engineers in Building Automation  Control Systems with a detail understanding of Controls and their application on HVAC equipment or those who are also able to help promote the eu.bac System to their clients and the wider market.

Delegates must bring a PC laptop suitable screen size with Microsoft Excel to 2003 or greater to the training course, tablets are not suitable. This is a workshop class which includes following a trainer led exercise and populating the excel system audit tool during the classroom.

To book:
Email justine(at)

Course venue:
Schneider Electric Offices
3rd Floor
120 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6XX

About eu.bac system

eu.bac System is part of eu.bac Certification. Two dedicated teams have been working on “energy efficiency via building automation“ since April 2009. The methodology is based on EN15232 and is verified by the University of Dresden. There are currently 15 auditors that are available to inspect Building Automation and Controls Systems in new and existing buildings.

Further information can be found here.