eu.bac re-elects Jean Daniel Napar as President and Alfred Freitag, Jörgen Malmborg and Peter Schönenberger as new Vice-Presidents

eu.bac, the European Building Automation and Controls Association, is pleased to announce the re-election of Jean Daniel Napar (Siemens Building Technologies) as president of the association.

The election was held during the annual eu.bac General Assembly on 19 June, 2018 in Brussels.

Statement of Dan Napar following the election:

“It is an honor for me to have the trust of the building automation and control industry. As a result of our efforts on the EPBD 2018, the new text increased the visibility of our industry. We will continue to build on that effort and assist in adaptation and implementation of EPBD. In the near future, BAC usability for building occupants will be an important focus of the industry. BAC technology will play an important role in ensuring the comfort, health, and productivity of building occupants, as well as reduce energy use and carbon emissions. BAC systems are already equipped to handle all types of the renewable energies, but BAC will increasingly become an enabler for electrical car charging and communication of the building with the electrical grid.  I look forward to continuing my commitment to represent the voice of the BAC industry. ”

The General Assembly also elected three new Vice-Presidents: Alfred Freitag (BELIMO), Jörgen Malmborg (Schneider Electric) and Peter Schönenberger (Sauter).

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