eu.bac Press Release “You can only go so far with politeness… eu.bac, as founding member, welcomes the launch of INGRESS

The ‘INGRESS’ (INdustry GRoup on European Standardisation Strategy) platform has been born from the common wish to together inform European policy makers about industry’s interests and priorities for using harmonised standards in the framework of Regulation EU 1025/2012. So far, eu.bac and 15 other European industry associations have teamed up within INGRESS, with the numbers anticipated to rise rapidly – not surprising when one considers the enormity of the issue at stake.

“Harmonized standards play a vital role for the European Industry as well as for an open and competitive market. They ensure that norms to help consumers and market players, the climate and the environment are covering the European landscape and are often the basis for worldwide standardization plans. It is also convincing to see countries like China adapting reliable European standards to their needs. To strengthen the processes in Europe therefore does not only help the industry but the planet. It is therefore hard to believe that the European Commission and Member States are able to define the future of European standardization and the link to legislation without involving the industry as the main stakeholder.” said Peter Hug, Managing Director of eu.bac

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