eu.bac Press Release “The 2016 eu.bac Cert novelty: The interchangeability”

The 2016 eu.bac Cert novelty: The interchangeability

The eu.bac certification provides a CA value (control accuracy) that can be used in the calculation of the energetic efficiency of buildings, according for example to the French calculation engine RT2012 and following the Th-BCE 2012 method or The German EnEV and DIN V 18599-5. This CA value of the controller shown on the certificate is valid for the tested closed control loop, which includes the regulator, the room temperature sensor and the actuator (servo-motor and valve combination for Water and Air based heating and cooling).

The elements of this control loop (controller, temperature sensor and the servo-motor/valve combination) have well particular characteristics. In the future, every applicable controller test report will have an attributed acronym describing the tested servo-motor/valve combination. Each element of the closed control loop with the same acronym can be used with this controller. Except in case of special request concerning the electrical interface or in case of requirement defined by the constructor itself.

A controller can be used in combination with other elements that are used in the certification test (INTERCHANGEABILITY) if:

•They fulfill the interfacing conditions between them

•The characteristics of the closed control loop are identical to those replaced

The eu.bac product certification and label assures users that the products are in conformity with European standards. It is an open system and is also a symbol that stands for energy efficiency and quality. It is the European voluntary quality label for products for home controls and building automation.

For more information concerning the voluntary eu.bac certification mark and its labelling scheme, please visit our website:

2016 Interchangeability