eu.bac Press Release “eu.bac Energy Efficiency Dialogues – Ecodesign Evening Debate – Ecodesign, Friend or Foe?”

Within the framework of eu.bac Energy Efficiency Dialogues, on 10 June 2015, just before the EUSEW 2015, eu.bac organised an Ecodesign Evening Debate titled “Ecodesign, Friend or Foe?”. The event started with a proper overview of the current situation of the European energy transition delivered by Marie Donnelly, Director, Directorate C, DG Energy, European Commission and continued with an interactive panel discussion moderated by Colin Timmins, Director Home Controls, eu.bac including as panellists Jean-Yves Blanc, President, eu.bac; Adrian Joyce, Secretary General, EuroACE; Robert Nuij, Ecodesign Head of Sector, Unit C3, DG Energy, European Commission; Valérie Planemaison, Secretary General, EFIEES.

The discussion didn`t focus just on Ecodesign, but extended the outline by including related issues from Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and Energy Efficiency Directive. The major conclusion is that in order to have a smoothly staged energy transition it is crucial to reinforce the cooperation and collaboration of member states and all stakeholders for developing appropriate “carrot and stick” measures. In this regard, Ecodesign has been a success. In combination with the Energy Labelling, this policy is a perfect example of combining “push and pull” factors. These measures among wider benefits, ensure the avoidance of unnecessary energy waste. Still, for a better performance of this legislation, enforceability and market surveillance in Member States should be further developed.

The Ecodesign Directive has evolved from “energy using products” to “energy related products”, which increasingly means looking at systems rather than just the products on their own. In some cases, such as for building automation and controls, this provides substantial and cost effective energy savings potential, thus should be further investigated.

2015.07.06 eu.bac Press Release - Ecodesign, Friend or Foe?