eu.bac Press Release “Certification for Air Flow Controllers for Ventilation Systems (VAV Controllers) Now Available”

Since last year the eu.bac test tool has included the software for the testing of VAV controllers based on European standard EN 15500. The first test house comparison test is now finished and CSTB in France is authorised to carry out the eu.bac test for the VAV controllers). WSPlab in Germany is currently putting together the test rig and will follow soon.

Manufactures who are interested can apply for the certificate for controller of VAV systems with or without heating/cooling coil via CLMS – .

The goal of any HVAC system is to regulate temperature within a space or zone. When the space is large, such as an auditorium or open factory space, the HVAC system delivers tempered supply air based on a single set point and space temperature. However, when the system has to maintain the comfort level in several zones, the problem becomes more complex. For example, an office area system must maintain a comfortable temperature based on multiple set points in individual rooms. This complex problem is often solved by installing a Variable Air Volume system – VAV on branch outlets.

Variable Air Volume systems enable improvement of the indoor air quality and the customer’s comfort in their environment, while potentially lowering energy costs. To accomplish this, each VAV controller enables the HVAC unit to produce the right temperature and volume of air required at any given time. Since the HVAC unit rarely operates at full speed, as it would do continuously in a traditional constant volume system, energy is saved. VAV controllers are able to regulate the amount of air, and if applicable, to reheat or to re-cool air, ensuring each zone is at a comfortable temperature

The eu.bac product certification and label assures users that the products are in conformity with European standards. It is an open system and is also a symbol that stands for energy efficiency and quality. It is the European voluntary quality label for products for home controls and building automation.

For more information concerning the voluntary eu.bac certification mark and its labelling scheme, please visit our website:

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