eu.bac elects Jean Daniel Napar (Siemens) as new president

eu.bac, the European Building Automation and Controls Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Jean Daniel Napar as its new president. He succeeds Jean Yves Blanc (Schneider Electric) who led the association for six years. eu.bac wishes Mr Blanc all the best for the future and thanks him for his leadership and dedication.

“It is an honour for me to be elected president of an association that provides such a strong voice for our industry. I am passionate about achieving a level playing field with European- wide market standards and regulations and ensuring that our industry receives the recognition it deserves from the corridors of power in Brussels as well as from the various EU countries. Building automation and controls is the enabler and key industry for energy performance in buildings. This is why it is important for us to implement global and European standards and methods such as heating controllers and to enlarge the scope to home automation, eu.bac certification and labelling, as well as eu.bac system and energy performance contracting, to promote our industry in the markets and in the political arena,’’ said Jean Daniel (Dan) Napar.

About Jean Daniel Napar

As one of the founders of eu.bac, Dan has been a part of its efforts for many years and emphasises that new members from the industry are always welcome.

Jean Daniel Napar, Chief Technology Officer of Siemens BT France and Vice-President Strategy CPS Siemens BT worldwide, brings with him over 30 years of experience in the BAC industry. He has a strong background in specification, R&D, manufacturing, roll out and commercialization for all product ranges: components, products, system and services.

His experience also covers sales management (channels OEM/resellers/installers/exploitants/end users), technical, execution, product management, marketing, business administration, F&C and business unit management.

He is heavily involved in creating a global approach in BAC for EU directives/national regulations/certification/labelling (using the same reference for BAC in the EU provides a KEY cost reduction for customers who benefit from economy of scale).

He also has a strong involvement in standardization in France, the EU and worldwide for products and communications protocols (BACnet, KNX, Lon where he worked on streamlining for 20 years) as well as energy efficiency.

Jean Daniel Napar is a graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest Automation School where he specialized in fundamental research & development in computer science, and of ESSEC – IMD in Paris (Ecole Supérieure des Séance Economiques et Commerciale – International Management Development).

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