eu.bac – Economical heating products – Energy-efficient solutions in buildings

This labelling is open for uptake by all manufacturers.

Based on European standards and regulations, this labelling allows for improved decision-making by private households, specifiers, installers, specialist retailers – and public authorities, as well as district heating and energy suppliers. The label displays at glance information regarding the product quality in terms of energy saving – and functionality.

The label is built upon existing independent test house analysis of temperature controllers and valves for heating systems. The periodic examination demonstrates that the controls industry is aware of the need for quality assurance. In addition, production facilities are regularly checked and product samples taken. Certification according to ISO 9000 is a prerequisite for the eu.bac labelling.

Already, more than 200 products have been certified and registered.

PR_Homes_Label_Energieeffiziente_Loesungen_in_ Gebaeuden.pdf