eu.bac co-signs European Year of Skills letter

eu.bac, with 17 other industry organisations, have co-signed a letter prompting national and EU stakeholders to prioritise systemic skills and labour shortages in the next mandate. This letter highlights how the trends of reindustrialisation digitalisation, energytransition and supply chain resilience are reshaping the market and creating new jobs. It is imperative that we recruit a workforce with the necessary skills to adjust and move with these megatrends.

We call on all EU and national policymakers to ensure that Europe delivers on the megatrends mentioned above. This will be achieved through measures like the thorough implementation of the skills provision under the Energy Efficiency Directive and the acquiring of sufficient funding to support the rollout of awareness campaigns. 

To build on the achievements of the past 5 years, it is crucial that policymakers re-invigorate the labour market with secure, fulfilling job opportunities for European citizens and residents.

Download the letter here