Joint letter on the consistency of the Smart Readiness Indicator

eu.bac, together with 11 other organisations calls on the European Commission and the Member States to act immediately to ensure effective, ambitious and consistent implementation of the approved SRI scheme across the EU and avoid a multiplication of local incomparable schemes.

We have strong concerns that national SRI schemes might differ substantially in the weighting of impact criteria in key functionalities and/or smart-ready service catalogues, which could produce incompatible national implementations. In light of the above-mentioned reasons, we:

  • Encourage Member States to deploy the SRI and align to the common methodology approved at the EU level as much as possible, with the same qualification of experts to build a harmonised tool and related training scheme across the EU. This would enable and facilitate analysis and comparison of the readiness level in different Member States and regions providing the basics for an inclusive and streamlined updating process,
  • Call the European Commission to monitor the implementation without hesitation and to put in place all measures to ensure consistency and avoid fragmentation in their bilateral exchanges with the Member States and also consider issuing recommendations, when necessary.
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