50 Building Automation System audited under eu.bac System

0 building automation systems audited

under the eu.bac system

In December 2014, the 50th building automation system was submitted and audited under the eu.bac system. Its owners thus obtained an independent assessment of the possibilities and capabilities of their building automation.

With new installations the audit gives the assurance that all functions have been correctly installed and put into service. In the case of existing systems, ways of optimizing them are suggested and places where investments would have the greatest effect.

The eu.bac system audit assesses the ’intelligence’ of the building automation and its use in a building in relation to energy efficiency. This information is given transparently and system-independently on the basis of European standard EN 15232. The method is the first systematic approach to testing and benchmarking the performance of a building automation system in relation to energy efficiency and performance and supports professionals throughout the building’s life in planning, tenders, commissioning and in operation.

Of the rated buildings only one third falls within the top half of the assessment, which indicates the large potential for savings in existing buildings. Around 70 % of the rated buildings were office buildings but the method has also been applied to hospitals, hotels, residential buildings and schools.

The eu.bac system audit has now come to be used in seven European countries (A, F, D, I, S, CH, UK). More than 40 trained and accredited auditors are available. Building automation brings together all of the various technical services in a building and optimizes their interactions for energy-efficient operation. Intelligent building automation is the interface between building management,

technical systems and the users of buildings.

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