IMI Hydronic Engineering

IMI Hydronic Engineering optimises HVAC system efficiency with one complete range of innovative solutions for Pressurisation and Water Quality, Balancing and Control and Thermostatic Control.

All are of the highest quality and are made to integrate perfectly with each other.

Each solution we provide has the needs of a complete system in mind and this approach ensures you get the control and reliability needed to deliver optimal indoor climate with increased efficiency.

It is only with IMI Hydronic Engineering that you get a complete advantage

  • Everything you need to establish stable pressure conditions, maintain water quality in heating, solar and cooling systems and provide a hygienic and reliable potable water supply.
  • The world’s biggest range of hydronic balancing products for heating and cooling systems including balancing valves, software and measuring instruments and tools.
  • A full range of thermostatic and electronic room temperature controls, valves and fittings that all ensure efficient and precise temperature Regulation.

IMI Hydronic Engineering represents traditional European brands Pneumatex, TA and Heimeier.