EP breakfast debate: The EPBD revision: the role of cost-effective, smart technologies

Organised by eu.bac and hosted by the MEP Sean Kelly this breakfast debate on the 7th of September will explore how the review of the Energy Performance Of Buildings Directive (EPBD) can use smart technologies to make the EU’s building stock energy-efficient, decarbonised, future proof and more comfortable for its citizens. To meet the revised EU climate targets and eliminate Europe’s dependence on fossil fuel imports, stronger policy measures must be put in place at the European level. Most of the potential of digitalization is still unexploited in the building sector. The revision of the EPBD creates a unique opportunity to deploy a broad range of energy-efficient and smart technologies. The panel will cover such topics as:

  • Introduction to Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) and their untapped potential
  • The importance of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • A forward-looking approach to data exchange
  • Self-regulating devices and dynamic balancing
  • Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI)